Creates the graphics and concepts primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures, websites, and advertising. A true professional With 14+ years of experience in visualizing concepts and ideas.

  • Joël Bijlmer
  • September 15, 1989
  • AMS / MIA
  • +31 6817 39 864

Clients & References

  • Inspioneer B.V.

    Owner & Creative Director

    Worked with or for the following clients:

    Nuon (Vattenfall) / PlayBeverages Europe (Playboy energy drink) / The Waterfront (Hilton, StandZuid / Apollo Garden, Little Buddha) / Aureco (Automated Retail Concepts) / Aqua (Izmir), Apple Bottoms (EU and NYC) / AIR (Meet me Backstage, Glamsterdam Release) / Amsterdam City Swim / Alex Blanchard / The Amsterdam Cocktail Academy / CLV-Amsterdam (Theatro, Circ de Jimmy, Cinema, I love Ultra, Jimmy woo on tour, Mayfair, Woo Land, Voyeur, Qtjes en Qlfjes and more – Complete International CLV offline and online branding) / CLV-London / Escape Amsterdam / Exclusive Sugar Dating / FRESH2GO / FORT GOVERNOR'S ESTATE / Glamsterdam Magazine, Global Studios (Ray en Anita - 2unlimited – RTL Boulevard, Skrillexx(Rec for Tiësto) / Apple bottoms(runway show) / GetBisy / Globe Centers / Inspioneer, JSF Healthshop / Jon Marten/ l'Europe / Nyenrode (NBA) / MIAVU, Paradiso (KWIKFLY – ARCP)/ Poncho Bikini / Priorij Corsendonk / Redbull (Happyhours) / Sascha Visser (Confetti) / Target Media / VAKZUID / Van Rijn / Wentges Investments / Zuidpool (RAI) / KopvanZuidas (CPO)

    Ninetysixtyfive is part of Inspioneer and has a total of 106 clients & is holding shares in 14 companies / projects.

  • DAANauctions

    Online / Marketing Manager
    (Jan 2013 - Oct 2015)

    Responsible for the complete new DAANauctions
    re-branding coming in early 2013, also managing all on-line and off-line activities related to the website, DTP, Marketing and more.



    The extra scoop of motivation. Wheysted is a online community focused on fitness. With a team of 10 industry professionals wheysted provides you daily sport reviews, news and information. let's get #wheysted!

  • Kwikfly

    Co-Owner & Creative Director

    Responsible for the complete Re-branding, Market positioning & Management of Kwikfly. One of the first airline ticket comparison websites on the internet. Simply the best since 2000.

  • Kwikcar

    Co-Owner & Creative Director

    After the success of Kwikfly, providing more
    services related to travel was a no-brainer. Kwikcar was established in early 2013 and providing the best available car-rental rates in Europe!

  • Vattenfall / Nuon

    Designer (okt - dec 2012)

    Worked as Interim designer for
    Nuon / Vattenfall.

  • CLV-Amsterdam

    Head of Design

    As head designer of clv-amsterdam, Responsible for
    the following projects, concepts & Clients:

    Theatro, Circ de Jimmy, Cinema, I love Ultra, Jimmy woo on tour, Mayfair, Woo Land, Voyeur, Qtjes en Qlfjes and more – Complete International CLV offline and online branding, AIR (Meet me Backstage), Aqua (Izmir), Priorij Corsendonk, Redbull (Happyhours), CLV-London, VAKZUID, Zuidpool (RAI), Nyenrode (NBS)

  • PlayBeveragesEurope

    Designer (jun - dec 2012)

    Responsible for implementing the US brand restrictions and corporate design into the Play beverages Europe company. (Playboy Energy Drink)

Graphics and media skills

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

  • Illustrator

  • Flash

Programming Skills

  • HTML / CSS

  • Php/Sql

  • Javascript

  • Wordpress

Design Skills

  • Graphic Design

  • Web design

  • Print Design

Marketing Skills

  • Online marketing

  • SEO

  • SEA

  • Social Media

Some of the projects I'm proud of

Contact info

  • Den Texstraat 45 - 1017 XZ Amsterdam

  • Email:
  • Phone: +31 6817 39 864
  • Website:

A few things to keep in mind

Without wanting to sound like an arrogant designer, here are some tips to ensure your email catches my attention and enthuses me about taking on your project. Just as you choose a designer, I also choose my clients, and take on only the projects that are tailored towards my style of work.

  • Don't simply ask how much I charge for "a design project"
  • Do give me an indication of how much you have to spend(budget)
  • Do have an idea of my style of work and services I offer(resume)
  • Do explain how you know me.

  • The quickest way to contact me is sending me an email because I'm probably doing interim design jobs during the week(9 to 5) and will not be able to pick up the phone.